NO Puppymills, Brokers or  Pet Stores!
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At Sleepy Hollow Shih Tzu we raise only the highest quality Chinese Imperial puppies.  Our foundation dogs came from hand-picked stock to ensure they are, first and foremost, healthy as well as having soft luxuriously thick shiny coats, beautiful big round wide set eyes, baby doll faces, high set little button noses, short legs, cobby bodies and wonderful extremely loving temperaments. We specialize in the teeny tiny and Imperial sizes (3-9 lbs.) with impressive pedigrees, excellent conformation, as well as GORGEOUS colors!  ALL of my doggies are AKC registered.  (Nothing but the best here!)  Our puppies come to you full of love and kisses and up-to-date on all vaccines and wormings. Rest assured we have worked very hard and are confident we produce not only some of the most happy, well socialized and adorable extreme faced babies but HEALTHY little FurrBabies as well and therefore all puppies come with a 5-year health guarantee.

I know our puppies are more costly than a lot of others out there but not all puppies are created equal and our prices reflect our quality. When buying a FurrBaby please know the old adage "You get what you pay for" applies.

Please note that we do ship via Puppy Nanny at an additional fee and all prices posted are for "Limited Registration" only. If interested in "Full Registration" please contact me as I do not widely offer it but will take your request into consideration.

Thank you for visiting Sleepy Hollow Shih Tzu and please know that questions are welcome! We are excited to help you find the right puppy to be the newest member of your family!